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About the show

The DFW UX podcast features exciting conversations with design, technology, and business industry leaders in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. The program is heard by a diverse audience of Web and software designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and digital consumers here in North Texas and around the world.

Podcast sponsorships

Becoming a sponsor is the best way to support DFW UX, and allows you to reach our entire audience who download the podcast via iTunes, the Zune marketplace, and at Your company or organization will be advertised by the show host as a supporter of DFW UX.

A single episode sponsorship is available for only $100 USD. This rate is valid through September 31, 2011. This includes:

  • Brief mentions and thanks at the beginning and end of the episode
  • 30 to 60 second testimonial during the guest interview
  • Text link in the episode Show Notes

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Make it exclusive!

Up to three sponsorships may appear on a single episode of the DFW UX podcast. If you’d like to ensure yours is the ONLY company or organization mentioned during a particular episode, an exclusive sponsorship is what you want!

Exclusive sponsorships are available for only $350 USD per episode.

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Web site advertising

The DFW UX web site is a popular destination for fans of the show. The site is also indexed and highly ranked by major search engines, as we post full text transcripts of every episode. The keyword-rich content of the transcripts provides excellent search engine optimization, meaning lots of traffic driven to the site. This means lots of eyeballs on your ad!

We usually use standard IAB ad unit sizes, but custom ad sizes can be accommodated.

Ad space can be purchased in one week (7 day) increments. Ads are refreshed on the site each Monday morning.

You can place ads on a particular page of your choosing (“per-page” cost), or on every page across the entire site (“site-wide” cost.)

Ad size Per-page cost Site-wide cost
88 x 31 (Micro Bar) $20 $100
120 x 60 (Button 2) $25 $125
180 x 150 (Rectangle) $35 $175
300 x 250 (Medium Rectangle) $40 $200
160 x 600 (Wide Skyscraper) $50 $250
300 x 600 (Half Page Ad) $70 $350
728 x 90 (Leaderboard) $80 $400

The exact placement of ads within the page layout is entirely at the discretion of the DFW UX webmaster.

Design services for ads are available at additional cost.

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